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I coached both my son's summer teams.  I can't thank you and your staff enough for your organization and enthusiasm that your camp generates.  You helped me and the boys so much.

-Dave Gentile

I attended your camp 25 years ago, and now my son is attending.  Unbelievable!  Your camp is the best!  Thanks to Phil Bova and his staff!

-John Thomas

Thank you for a wonderful week at camp.  Chris said he enjoyed the camp even more this year.  He felt he really improved.  Bravo to all of you.

-C Chambers

I want to commend you on such an excellent program.  I attended the award presentation and was very impressed with the caliber of your staff.  They all have the credentials that any boy would aspire to.  My son, Ron, attended and I feel certain that he knows more today than he did when he started on last Monday.  I am really glad he got this experience.

-David Kadar

It was a joy to watch him play on Saturday, as I could see the techniques he learned throughout the week being applied to his game.  That realization was a direct product of what I saw during the review and awards that we attended on Friday, and I thank you for offering the opportunity to parents.  I am 100% pleased with my son's camp experience and believe that your program is nothing less than top notch.  We are already looking forward to next year.

-Kelly Sharp


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In our wildest dreams, we could never anticipate the total transformation we witnessed at the Bova Baseball Camp.  I firmly believe it was a life changing event for my son and for us!  Whatever happened there was something I could not give him...neither could his dad, his grandparents, his coaches...no one!

-Lisa Moliterno

Another wonderful week of baseball.  Thanks to you, Phil, and the rest of his team for putting on an amazing and instructional week for the boys. Sean had a great time and we're thankful for the opportunity to be able to send him through such a great program.  You (Donna), Phil and your family are truly amazing!

-Gwenn Fazekas

The Bova Camp is a well oiled machine.  Two fundamentals my son learned and applied in his games were to bunt and to slide properly.

-John Salamalekis

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Mike Holzheimer from Sun Post, July 2011...click HERE!

Mike Holzheimer from Sun Post, July 2012..click HERE!

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