Camp Director Phil Bova would like to officially thank selected individuals and organizations who helped make the 2018 Phil Bova Baseball Camp a huge success. A large "THANK YOU" is extended to the D'Andrea Family and everyone at T-3 Performance, a tremendous sports complex and wellness company in Avon that provides advanced training to so many young athletes. T-3 Performance's goal is to help each athlete reach his or her full potential no matter what sport they choose to participate in.

James DiBiasio, lead professional performance coach, along with his staff, introduced the campers to specific training methods and agility drills. All of the kids at camp truly enjoyed this unique experience and took home a one-week gift card from T-3 Performance the entire family can use.

The Phil Bova Baseball Camp would also like to thank Dick's Sporting Goods and Community Marketing Manager Nick Cipkus for all of their support in helping the camp meet its goals and objectives.